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The Choir

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RCCG SGLG is able to function largely due to the selfless commitment people, who give their time to run various departments and ministries during the week. Popularly referred to as the church’s ‘workforce’, the activities of these volunteers are coordinated by a leadership structure made up of pastors, deacons, ministers and elders, in addition to heads of various departments and ministries.

Worship is an essential part of the Christian Faith and one of the ways in which we love to worship God is through music.

The music department is filled with dedicated and spirit filled members who are passionate about singing praises and worshipping God with their beautiful voices and instruments that God has given them. Hymns are essential part of our worship services.

Being a part of this department requires dedication, commitment and love for music. The choir meets regularly to practice and learn new songs, which they minister together with the band to the congregations to encourage them in their walk with Christ and to lift up the name of the Lord. They focus on leading worshippers into God’s presence.

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