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You will manifest to the Glory of God and all creatures shall see it in Jesus Name.    Amen

- Pastor Ernest Ogbe

NEWS FLASH We are BREAKTHROUGH & BREAKING FORTH in the mighty name of Jesus, amen! this prayer is for us all to penetrate and overcome every obstacle and restrictions as we continue to move from glory to glory; as the sunlight breaks through and break forth every morning, so we shall all breakthrough and beak forth in all ramifications of our lives this Month, because His righteousness is going before us and He has promised that as we call in His name, He will answer us and that when we cry to Him, He shall say,” here I am”. Isaiah 58:8-9. The Lord God that helped Peter in Acts 12:5-18; helped Joseph in Gen 41:12-46; helped Paul in Acts 16:25-34; helped Isaac in Gen 26:1-28 and others out of the prison, dungeons and hopeless situations; is releasing the same Spirit of help for us this month to breakthrough and break forth in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Heb 13:8; Irrespective of what it is, the situation and issues involved. That Spirit of help to breakthrough and break forth is available although the month for us all and hence forth in the name of Jesus amen.  July 2016 - Our Month of Overflowing Floodgate of God's Divine Breaking through & Breaking forth  

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Holy Ghost Anointing service
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Word of God for the Week 04/08/2016
The Most High God sits enthroned in the heavenly forever, to continually bless us in His grace & mercy, strength & power, peace & fullness of joy, wealth & health, name it in His overflowing sufficiencies & abundance through His absolute power in Christ Jesus amen!! Psalm 29:1-11; Acts11:4-24; 1Cor3:8-22; Rom6:1-23; Psalm84:1-12; Heb2:1-18

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the redeemed christian church of god, london

Welcome to Shekhinah Glory Of The Living God Website
All glory to God in thy highest, amen; for His mercies endureth forever.

It is with great pleasure and joy that we welcome you to this information gateway of our growing and vibrant church - Shekhinah Glory of The Living God - a branch of The Redeemed Christian Church of God - established in 1952 with many branches all over the world.

We enjoin you to read resources provided in this information gateway which are designed to inspire and enrich your spiritual and physical life.

We pray that God's purposes will be fulfilled, and that His guidance will be followed. Your support through prayers and donations would be greatly appreciated. One of the many things we do is make mission supplies available, please stand with us as we seek to build God's Kingdom in some of the needier parts of the world.

If you would like to help or would like more information please call or email us by clicking on the link at the top.

It is our utmost desire and prayer that our heavenly Father will watch over you, support you and enrich your life with unspeakable joy in Jesus' name, amen.

rccg central london Pastor Ernest Ogbe

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